The Benefits of Hiring a Business Attorney

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Property Lawyers assist in streamlining business transactions

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Business personnel carry out transactions involving real estate quite often. The business may need to acquire more land to build a new office location or establish a warehouse that will fulfill customer orders. Whatever the real estate needs of the business are, property lawyers can streamline the whole purchasing process.

These lawyers ensure that your business carries out the transaction in a proper manner and adheres to all legal regulations in your state. The land ownership transfer process in Australia can be quite complicated, especially for businesses. To help make things easier, property lawyers offer the following critical services.

Avoiding unclear terms of purchase

In certain transactions involving the sale of a property, property lawyers can assist you in avoiding complications regarding the legal requirements of the sale. For example, you may be seeking to sell a property and end up signing a brokerage agreement. This agreement may not cover all the legal ramifications of the transfer of property. A lawyer can assist you in making sure the agreement covers the entire legal framework involved so you don't end up incurring costly fines.

Tax requirements

Property lawyers can also guide you through the tax ramifications that are involved when you buy or sell a property as a business. In some cases, you may be liable to pay capital gains tax or claim a tax break for a particular real estate transaction.

To find out such taxation details, property lawyers can look into your intended transaction and provide advice about what your tax burden will look like for the upcoming year.

Purchase agreements

During any real estate transaction in Australia, the purchase agreement is one of the most important documents involved. It stipulates the terms of the purchase, including the exact state of the property being sold, the agreed price, and the identity of the buyer and the seller. There are common issues that may arise with purchase agreements that may need to be addressed. Some of these include:

  • Alterations to the property itself, such as changes to the landscaping, size, or structure.
  • Finding out that the property is infested with lead, asbestos, or pests during the transaction process
  • Intended renovations that the seller wants to make before the transaction is complete

These specific circumstances can complicate the purchasing agreement for both the buyer and the seller. Property lawyers can provide critical legal guidance in such circumstances to protect your specific interests.